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Leaders in Transplant Care
The Need for Pediatric Kidney Transplants
October 21, 2022
In this Wear the Gown segment, Dr. Daniel Ranch discusses the importance of screening your child for chronic kidney disease, and when a transplant may be necessary.
Infection after pediatric liver transplant
October 10, 2022
Dr. Tess Barton, infectious disease specialist at University Health, discusses ways to watch for infection and how to help your child after their liver transplant.
Mary's Lung Transplant Story
July 18, 2022
Mary underwent lung transplantation surgery at University Hospital, and today is an avid hiker who can breathe easily.
The impact of organ donation
May 05, 2022
Each year, organ donation saves the lives of thousands of Americans. Here’s how you can make an impact.
Debunking myths about organ donation
May 03, 2022
Registering to donate when you pass away is one way to help fill the need. Becoming a living kidney or liver donor is another. So, why is there such a gap?
Bella's Transplant Story
April 07, 2022
When Bella was only a few months old, tests showed that she needed a liver transplant. Her mom, Alexis, looked into living liver donation and found out they were a perfect match.
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