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Transplant patients need to prevent infection
June 17, 2020
Transplant patients are at an increased risk of getting infections, including COVID-19. These patients must take extra precautions when going out in public.
New hope for hepatitis C patients
December 11, 2019
New studies give hope to hepatitis c patients. Learn more about new hepatitis c treatments and medicines highlighted in this research and how we are working to help those suffering from hepatitis C.
Former COVID-19 Patients Battling Neurological Problems
June 02, 2021
Covid long-haulers often experience neurological problems weeks or months after recovering from the initial virus.
How transplant patients are getting organs sooner and living longer
April 16, 2019
They wanted to donate kidneys to their loved ones, but didn’t match. So they joined a paired organ exchange.
Plasma treatments for patients with COVID-19
May 04, 2020
University Health is participating in a national study to see if plasma from recovered patients can help new patients who get sick with COVID-19.
An underutilized COVID-19 treatment aims to keep patients out of the hospital
March 08, 2021
While COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing ramps up, new treatments like monoclonal antibodies can limit the seriousness of illness caused by new COVID-19 cases.
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