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One in five COVID-19 patients have long lasting symptoms
August 05, 2022
According to the CDC, one in five American adults who have had the virus report having symptoms that some are calling long-COVID.
Adulting: Encourage your kids to be their own health advocates
July 21, 2022
It’s important for adolescents and young adults to take responsibility for protecting their physical and mental health.
Mary's Lung Transplant Story
July 18, 2022
Mary underwent lung transplantation surgery at University Hospital, and today is an avid hiker who can breathe easily.
8 tips for better communication with your doctor
June 21, 2022
Communicating effectively with your doctor is important to getting the care you need. Here are eight tips for communicating better with your provider, and getting the most out of your visit.
One Blood Donation Can Save Three Lives
June 16, 2022
Blood supplies are low not just at University Health, but across the nation. Learn how you can become a blood donor and help save a life.
June is PTSD Awareness Month
June 01, 2022
June is post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month. Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments for PTSD in our blog.
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