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Shelley Kofler
Monoclonal antibody treatment with Dr. Jan Patterson
September 23, 2021
Dr. Jan Patterson, an infectious disease expert at University Health, explains how manmade antibodies attack the COVID-19 spike protein and prevent the virus from entering the cell.
Avoid a “twindemic”, get flu and COVID-19 shots
September 17, 2021
The vaccination message this fall is simple: Get your flu and COVID-19 vaccines to avoid a "twindemic."
Emergency Room vs. Walk-In Care
September 07, 2021
Dr. Ralph Riviello has identified five criteria to consider when deciding where an adult should seek treatment, and he has advice on when to call 911.
Former COVID-19 Patients Battling Neurological Problems
June 02, 2021
Covid long-haulers often experience neurological problems weeks or months after recovering from the initial virus.
An underutilized COVID-19 treatment aims to keep patients out of the hospital
March 08, 2021
Edward Reyes’ first symptoms of COVID-19 began with chills in...
A nurse tells his story to urge early diagnoses of colon cancer
October 23, 2020
Rufo Soto was diagnosed with colon cancer at 46. Knowing the warning signs and getting timely screenings can prevent the often-fatal disease.
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