COVID-19 Update: Vaccine hesitancy and what we have learned

Many people have been vaccinated against COVID-19, but some still have questions. Dr. Bryan Alsip discusses vaccine safety, the latest with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and what we’ve learned from the pandemic.

  • Has there been another time in history where vaccines were questioned like this, and what did we learn?
  • What would you tell people who are concerned about the blood clots associated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?
  • How has the pause and warning label on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine affected the overall vaccination effort?
  • How will University Health proceed with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine since use has been okayed again?
  • How do you convince the vaccine-hesitant that vaccines are a good idea?
  • With the positivity rate so low and steady, why do COVID-19 hospitalizations not continue to drop, and even rise a little?
  • When we see devastating new surges in places as different as India and Michigan, what can we take away from that? Who is safe?
  • What have we learned about managing a pandemic?
  • Early on, we were worried about schools. What have we learned about how to safely run them during a pandemic?
  • Testing: Where are we on testing as a part of the strategy now?
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