Supplier Diversity Program

University Health System is committed to providing Small, Minority, Women and Veteran owned Enterprises (SMWVBE) an equal opportunity to compete for and earn contracts for the goods and services we purchase. Here at University Health System, we work to make it easier for vendors to find out about our procurement opportunities and for the Health System to identify available vendors.

Our Supplier Diversity Program will:

  • Advocate for SWMVBE vendors concerning procurement opportunities with the Health System
  • Recognize and help build stronger business relationships that help contribute to the local economy
  • Increase our overall supplier base with whom we do business

Our program will assist Small, Minority, Women, Veteran Business Enterprises (SMWVBEs) with bid and contract opportunities through a combination of:

  • Training and education – offering training and support for small, minority, women and veteran-owned businesses on how to do business with the Health System
  • Outreach - seeking diverse suppliers through active involvement with regional business councils and participation in various trade show events, as well as hosting vendor forums
  • Certification – connecting businesses that meet the criteria of ownership to qualify as a small/minority/women/veteran-owned business enterprise with certifying agencies

Commitment Statement

University Health System’s commitment to supplier diversity is based in our guiding principle, the Triple-Aim Plus concept. As a recognized leader in the field of healthcare, University Health System successful executes the aims of:

  • Improving quality, safety and outcomes
  • Improving the patient experience
  • Improving efficiencies
  • Improving access to care

These principles are the foundation of healthcare transformation and all initiatives pursued are developed in the spirit of transforming care using the Triple Aim Plus goals. Here at University Health System we consider diversity and inclusion as strategic business priorities that help us meet the goals of the Triple Aim Plus principles. Specifically, University Health Systems’ objective is to develop best in class standards for diversity in every achievable area including our community and business partnerships. We know that partnering with suppliers who provide innovative ideas and new efficiencies – in addition to delivering excellent manufacturing support, construction and professional services – will yield significant competitive advantages for University Health System. Most importantly, as we build relationships with SMWVBEs, our supplier base continues to better reflect the diversity of our patients and team members. University Health System will continue to focus on building strong, sustainable partnerships with diverse entrepreneurs and generating more potential opportunities for business development and localized economic growth.

Supplier Diversity Policy

The Health System is committed to promoting vendor diversity and maximizing procurement opportunity for small, minority, woman-owned, and veteran business enterprises as both Tier 1 (prime) and Tier 2 (sub-contractors) vendors. The program develops and employs measures that facilitate procurement opportunities and remove barriers that do not have a definite or objective relationship to quality or competence, and that unfairly discriminate against such businesses.

Our Goals

Doing business with diverse vendors helps University Health System to:

  • Provide excellent patient care
  • Maximize savings opportunities
  • Promote competition and build strong communities
  • Grow and develop a portfolio of critical and valued vendors
  • Broadening supplier pool means better service and value