Bid Opportunities & Vendor Registration FAQs

Bid Opportunities Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find bid opportunities?

  1. Go to or the Vendors and Suppliers web page 
  2. General circulation newspapers, or
  3. Minority oriented newspapers

What is the difference between informal and formal bids?

  1. Informal solicitations ($10K - $50K)
  2. Formal solicitation (over $50K)

Can I submit bids online?

Solicitation responses are not currently accepted online.

Where can I find information on how to submit a formal bid?

  1. Visit the University Health bid website 
  2. Find the formal solicitation you are interested
  3. Click under the name of the solicitation
  4. Follow instructions provided (specifications documents, required documents, amendments)

How do I submit a bid/proposal response?

Please provide your response in accordance with the instructions in the solicitation document.

Do I need to register as a vendor before submitting a bid?

A vendor is not required to be registered in University Health vendor portal to receive or respond to a bid. However, it is highly recommended that a prospective vendor begins and completes their vendor registration during solicitation and prior to award. Why? A selected and awarded vendor must be fully registered in University Health vendor portal in order to be formerly issued a PO/Contract.

Vendor Registration Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register as a vendor?

Go to and click “Apply For/Renew Registration” below Vendor Registration, users will have the ability to create a new registration, renew or update a current registration and submit a mandatory vendor questionnaire.

Once registered, how do I log on to the system?

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login tab, in the Username field, type in your user name which should be a valid email address, username, or user number of the authorized person seeking to gain access and utilize University Health vendor portal and Information system B2G
  3. In the Password field, type your password, and then click Login
What if I forget my username?

In the event an authorized user forgot their username, you have the ability to perform an account lookup and search by name or DBA, tax ID number, contact person, contact information or location of authorized users requiring access to University Health vendor portal and information system B2G.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, simply click “Forgot Password” tab which is located below Account Access, Reset Password.  Enter your email address, username, or user number in the box, and click submit, you will required to reset your password after login.

How do I know if an account has already been set up for me or if I have registered before?

If you are uncertain whether an account has been set up for you or whether you have already registered.  Simply click “Account Lookup” tab which is located below Account Access. Enter search parameters and click the Search button.

How do I get help from customer/technical support?

Users can contact B2G IT customer support line at 602-325-9277 (Mountain Standard Time).