Procurement Services

Procurement Services Mission

Our mission is to serve our community’s health needs by demonstrating good stewardship and best value in the procurement of goods and services through the unbiased and fair competitive purchasing processes.

Our Goals

  • Coordinate and facilitate knowledgeable, evidenced-based purchasing choices
  • Secure items through the competitive process and implement a quality assurance plan to identify and remove barriers
  • Procure goods and services from responsible contractors, vendors and suppliers who do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, gender or sexual orientation
  • Procure goods and services from responsible contractors, vendors and suppliers who do not pay or offer remuneration to induce referrals, except in accordance with applicable law and regulations
  • Encourage, promote and increase participation of Small, Minority and/or Women-Owned Business Enterprises (SMWBE) in the procurement process
  • Procure goods and services from Bexar County vendors when price, performance and quality factors are equal

What We Procure

University Health System procures a vast array of equipment, goods, supplies and services including but not limited to: Medical Supplies and Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Advertising & Promotional Products, Office Furniture and Supplies, Computer Hardware/Software, Various Construction Services, Architects and Engineering, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Landscaping, Uniforms, Lab Coats, Power Washing, Printing and Binding Services, Professional Services, etc.

Identifying Opportunities

University Health System has implemented an online vendor registration process to complement online bidding. Both online registration and online bidding are secure processes designed to streamline and improve access to procurement opportunities.
Business Registration
Bid Opportunities

  • Informal Solicitations ($2K - $25K) able to place a bid online
  • Formal Solicitations (over $25K) formal/paper bid required

Cooperative Contracts

  1. Group Purchasing Organizations
  2. Department of Information Resources
  3. Texas multiple award schedule (TXMAS)

Documents Required for All Formal Solicitations

  1. Terms and Conditions (found in Required Documents PDF on bid Website)
  2. Workforce Composition (found in Required Documents PDF on bid Website)
  3. Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
  4. Form W9
  5. Vendor Questionnaire (completed on Web site)

Questions Regarding an Open Solicitation

All questions regarding an open solicitation must be submitted in writing (e-mail, mailed, or hand-carried) and addressed to the Procurement Services staff member assigned to the solicitation. All questions and answers received will be posted as an amendment to the solicitation.

Mandatory Pre-bid Conference

Some University Health System bids will require a mandatory pre-bid conference. No one will be admitted after the commencement of the mandatory pre-bid conference.

Proposal Submission

Respondents must submit (mailed or hand-carried) proposals according to the Specifications and Standard Purchasing Terms and Conditions to the following location:

University Health System - Business Center
Procurement Services
355-2 Spencer Lane, 2nd Floor
San Antonio, TX 78201

Supplier Diversity Commitment

As a recognized leader in health care, University Health System is committed to Supplier Diversity. University Health System will make every effort to ensure that diverse vendors such as Small, Minority, Women, Veteran and/or Disabled Individual-owned Business Enterprises (SMWVDIBE) are provided the maximum practicable opportunity to participate as a supplier, vendor or contractor for products and/or services provided to the Health System.


University Health System encourages diverse vendors to obtain independent third party certification. Certification is the process by which organizations verify that businesses meet the criteria of ownership, control and management to qualify as a Small, Minority, Women, Veteran and/or Disabled Individual-owned Business Enterprise.

Preferred certification entities:

Point Of Contact

For all other questions contact Procurement Services at 210-358-9125.