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Epic Link

Epic Link

Community Providers

Community Providers are organizations such as, but not limited to: primary care/specialty physicians and advanced practice professionals, urgent care clinics, free-standing emergency departments and dialysis centers.

With Epic Link, as a referring community provider or staff member, you can:

  • Easily make referrals online
  • Have secure access to your patients' health records
  • Receive results and notifications in real time
  • Send HIPAA-compliant messages to University Health providers
  • See specialists' referrals, discharge instructions, lab results, diagnostic test results and more

For access, please request the Epic Link access agreement and related paperwork at

Post-Acute Care

Epic Link for post-acute facilities

Post-acute entities that interact with University Health discharging facilities can apply for Epic Link access that allows them to accept and deliver secure communications electronically.

With Epic Link, nurses, managers and physicians at post-acute facilities can:

  • Electronically accept discharge placement requests sent from University Health
  • Have view-only access to your patient’s health records while they’re at University Health
  • Securely send HIPAA compliant messages to University Health

For access, please request the Epic Link access agreement and related paperwork at

Request Access

How new sites or practices can request access

For access, please request the Epic Link access agreement and related paperwork at

Adding new users to an existing site or practice

New user requests for an existing site or practice must be submitted by the organization’s site administrator at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epic Link?

Epic Link is a secure web portal that connects providers to information stored in University Health's EMR for our shared patients. Through Epic Link, providers can enter referrals to specialists, order labs and/or imaging to be performed at University Hospital and view patient records with whom they have an existing relationship.

Key Features of Epic Link

  • Ability to review records for patients with an existing relationship
  • Referral submission and status tracking
  • Includes referrals to specialists and orders for labs/imaging
  • Event notification to providers of important clinical events (e.g., inpatient admission/discharge, ED visit, lab results, etc.)
  • Secure health messaging

How does Epic Link work?

Epic Link provides registered users with secure access to their patients’ electronic health record information and test results from University Health as well as other functionality noted above. Epic Link uses industry-standard encryption technology, ensuring access is only available to those authorized to view patient data. To access Epic Link, registered users will need a computer with an internet connection. Demonstrations are available to organizations interested upon request.

Is there a fee for using Epic Link?

University Health provides Epic Link at no cost to community users.

Is training required to use Epic Link?

Yes, training is required for users to gain access to Epic Link. University Health will offer online training for your site. Epic Link also contains embedded tools that provide tips and suggestions as you navigate.

Will Epic Link interface with my EHR?

No, Epic Link is a web-based platform and does not offer the ability for an interface.

Can community users download/print from Epic Link to load results into their own EHR?

Yes, the system allows for either printing and/or downloading a PDF.

Can community users both send & receive referrals within Epic Link?

Yes, organizations can both send referrals to us and receive referrals from us.

Do community users need to have access to both University Health & UT Health San Antonio Epic Link to send referrals to us and view related records?

No, users can utilize one platform to send referrals to our collective organizations and subsequently review the records as part of our Care Everywhere implementation.

How do I sign up for Epic Link?

Access is granted at an organizational level and requires the completion of an Access Agreement and Privacy & Security Questionnaire by an authorized representative of the organization, as well as a Confidentiality Agreement and User Request Form for each individual user that will need access.