Journey of Care

At many hospitals, Children with heart disease and their families are often shuffled from place to place to fit into the operations of the hospital. At University Children’s Health Heart Center, we have created a care model which puts the needs of the patients and their families first. Our journey of care is centered around providing convenient, comfortable care that is focused on getting the best outcomes for patients, while keeping families informed and educated.

Streamlined Communication

As a University Children’s Health Heart Center patient, your child will be assigned a collaborative care team who will help streamline communication between team members and the patient’s Complex Care Coordinator. The consistent, familiar faces of the team can also be a comforting and reassuring presence for the patient and family.

Family-Centered Design

At University Children’s Health Heart Center, we understand that your child’s hospitalization can be a strain on your everyday normal life. Our Heart Center is designed with certain conveniences that allow families to enjoy the comforts of home so that they can better focus on their child. Some of these conveniences include:

  • Stocked laundry facility
  • Shared kitchen and common areas
  • Internet and work spaces