Caring for Yourself


As a person with diabetes, it can be hard to live a healthy life: trying to balance healthy eating, regular exercise and blood-sugar levels. That’s where we come in. Texas Diabetes Institute offers a range of education sessions in English and Spanish on Living Well with Diabetes.

Living Well with Diabetes is a 10-hour, 5- day program based on the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) Clinical Recommendations. We have a nationally recognized and accredited ADA. Every day builds upon the previous day providing you with a chance to learn and apply the skills necessary to help you live with diabetes.

Other Classes

We also provide other classes and individual sessions on diabetes, which you may want to attend depending on your needs. Contact us for more information 210-358-7100. We offer:

Yearly Refresher Class

If you have taken our Living Well with Diabetes program, you can attend our Yearly Refresher Class. Here we will update you and review information on living with diabetes.

Carbohydrate Counting Class

If you want to know more about carbohydrate or learn to balance your carbohydrate with your insulin doses, this class will provide you with more information about carbohydrate, fiber and your meal plan.

Insulin Instruction

If you are new to insulin, the diabetes educators can help you learn how to use and best benefit from adding insulin to your treatment.

Insulin Pumping

If insulin pumping is for you, one of our educators can provide you with the help you need to manage the insulin pump on a daily basis.

Drop in Clinic

One afternoon a month a ‘drop in clinic’ is available to have glucose check or ‘drop in’ and ask a question about diabetes. Call for dates 210-358-7100