Diabetes Statistics

National Diabetes Statistics Report 2014 (released June 2014)

According to the most recent estimates, diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the United States. People with diabetes are at higher risk for heart disease and stroke, blindness, kidney failure, extremity amputations and other chronic conditions. Some complications, especially microvascular (e.g. eye, kidney, and nerve) disease, can be reduced with good glucose control. Also, early detention and treatment of complications can prevent progression, so monitoring with dilated eye exams, urine tests and foot exams is essential. Because the risk of cardiovascular disease increased in diabetes and prediabetes, blood pressure and lipid management, along with smoking cessation, are especially important. By working together, people with diagnosed diabetes, their support network, and their health care providers can reduce the occurrence of these and other complications.

Prevalence of Diabetes in the United States (all ages), 2012

  • Total: 29.1 million people (or 9.3% of the total US population)
  • Diagnosed: 21.0 million people
  • Undiagnosed: 8.1 million people (27.8% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed).

Prevalence of Diabetes in Texas and Bexar County, 2012

Diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death in Texas and is the 4th leading cause of death in Bexar County.

  • Texas, Diagnosed: 1.8 million people (or 13% of the total Texas population)
  • Texas, Undiagnosed: Approximately 440,468 Texans remain undiagnosed
  • Bexar County, Diagnosed: 137,009 people or 11.8% of the population

Prevalence of Diabetes by Age and Gender, 2012

  • Adults (aged 20 years or older):  28.9 million (or 12.3% of population within this age group)
  • Children (aged 20 years or younger): 208,000 (or .25% of population within this age group)
  • Seniors (aged 65 years or younger): 11.2 million people (or 25.9% of population within this age group)
  • Men (aged 20 years or older): 15.5 million people (or 13.6% of population within this age group)
  • Women (aged 20 years or older): 13.4 million people (or 11.2% of population within this age group)

Diabetes by Race/Ethnicity

  • 12.8% of Hispanics
  • 13.2% of non-Hispanic blacks
  • 15.9% of American Indians/Alaskan Natives

  The breakdown among Asian Americans:

  • 4.4% for Chinese
  • 11.3% for Filipinos
  • 13.0% for Asian Indians
  • 8.8% for other Asian Americans

 The breakdown among Hispanic adults:

  • 8.5% for Central and South Americans
  • 9.3% for Cubans
  • 13.9% for Mexican Americans
  • 14.8% for Puerto Ricans

Incidence of Diabetes, 2012

Number of new diabetes cases:

New Cases Per:

  • 1.7 million adult Americans (aged 20 years or older) are diagnosed with diabetes each year
  • About 208,000 people younger than 20 years old had diabetes (type 1 or type 2) in the US in 2012

Note: Estimates of undiagnosed diabetes are not available for this age group.


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