Nursing (BSN) Residency Program

Finding your first job as a nurse can be a challenge. Candidates need to find a place where they feel comfortable and get the support they need to go from a novice nurse to an experienced nurse.

A joint research project venture, with University Health System Consortium and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the BSN Residency Program is a one-year program for new graduates of baccalaureate nursing programs who are employed as staff nurses on clinical units. The program’s focus is on the transition to professional nursing practice using Patricia Benner’s theoretical framework of From Novice to Expert; Excellence and Power in Clinical Practice.

Supporting the new graduate nurse’s development as a professional nurse and member of the health care team, the program is facilitated by expert nurses with special emphasis on:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Leadership abilities
  • Communication skills
  • Research based practice
  • Patient safety
  • Professional career development

This is a one–year program that provides additional educational opportunity and a supportive network of other new graduates and expert nurses. It consists of monthly sessions for the first year of practice to support the new nurse residents as they transition into their first professional role in nursing. Outcome data from the residency has demonstrated that, through participation in the residency, residents develop improved confidence, competence, communication skills and leadership capabilities. They also demonstrate a decrease in stress levels. Residency sessions and facilitator support are planned and delivered with the primary goal of assisting the new resident nurse in acquiring the skills necessary to become successful as a full partner of the health care team.

  • Monthly sessions include discussion, simulation, tours and interaction with other UHS departments/personnel
  • Working with the same preceptor/mentor for the entire year
  • Identifying a topic or practice on the individual nursing unit and developing an evidence based project and sharing the findings with the group and other nursing professionals

Why are we going to hire only new graduates with BSN preparation? There are recommendations from both the Magnet Commission and the Institute of Medicine/Future of Nursing with target goals to increase the percentage of BSN prepared staff at the bedside. One of the ways that we can move toward meeting those goals is to begin hiring all new graduates with a minimum of a BSN preparation. Another strategy is to support existing staff to earn their BSN or MSN through tuition reimbursement.


First Cohort Nurse Residents 2013