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Paid Time Off

We believe nothing is more important for our health and well-being than some time away from work. The challenge of balancing work, family, school and personal responsibilities is different for each employee. Some of us want time off for Easter, some can't miss Fiesta, while others need time with an elderly parent. Some need time off to study for exams, while others would save their time for Hanukkah. Whatever your need, interest or responsibility, our approach to time off provides the flexibility to best plan your work and personal life.

In recognition of our unique individual needs, the Health System has established a Paid Time Off (PTO) Program that allows each employee to accumulate and schedule time off according to individual needs. Eligible employees begin accruing PTO benefit hours in their own personal bank from the first day of work. When we need time off for vacations, holidays, illnesses, injuries, personal business, school conferences or any other reason, we draw from our bank of PTO time. Unused PTO remains in the bank for future use and can accumulate up to 1,040 hours. During the first year of employment, full-time staff accrue 28 days at the rate of 8.62 hours every two weeks. The accrual rate increases with each year of full-time service, up to a rate of 38 days per year. Part-time (budgeted to work 16 to 39 hours per week) employees accrue PTO at a fixed rate.



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